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Born from Colorado roots, Budding Business was one of the first public relations and social media agencies in the nation to specialize in cannabis when the company was founded more than five years ago. Budding Business now works with industry leaders in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon and has a team of public relations and social media specialists in Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland and Denver.

One of the biggest marketing challenges facing cannabis companies today are limits on digital advertising due to state and federal regulations. Budding Business helps cannabis companies overcome that hurdle through expanding digital footprints through media exposure that contains key words and phrases on digital platforms, as well as with social media support. That digital presence helps drive web traffic and with that, a loyal following of customers. Plus, Budding Business brings decades of public relations expertise to provide clients with comprehensive strategies as well as a platform to speak as cannabis industry experts with local and national media.

The team behind Budding Business recognizes the challenges and nuances of working in a regulated industry and supports businesses through navigating everchanging state laws and regulations. In addition to being a trusted partner for cannabis companies, Budding Business has the experience to manage various types of cannabis companies, including grows and wholesalers, dispensaries, edibles, beauty lines and CBD product lines.

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